Experts in plastic injection, we produce all types of parts on line and adapt to your specifications. Our workshop is made up of new generation presses and a team of qualified operators for the annual production of millions of parts.
For the manufacture of certain plastic parts, we use our factory in Tunisia. You benefit from low cost of production.

As plastics manufacturers for over 25 years and experts in plastic injection, we adapt to your specifications to produce all types of parts on line. As subcontractors for various sectors of activity: security, automotive, construction, toys, medical, agricultural, leisure, etc., we produce millions of plastic parts each year on our two production sites: in France and in Tunisia.

Our workshop has a new generation of injection moulding machines, from 50 to 370 tonnes. To guarantee productivity and precision, all our presses are equipped with high-speed 3-axis digital robots. We pay close attention to quality and rigorously control our production.

The weight of our various parts varies from one gram to 1.8 kg. The possibilities are therefore numerous and the production rates high. Your injection moulds, made specifically for our productions, are stored in our premises, thus ensuring greater reactivity in the event of a repeat order.

Apsys Injection Plastique: experienced and qualified personnel

All of our staff are trained in the latest developments in our profession. Our employees benefit from a double training: internal and external. The older employees pass on their know-how and skills to the newcomers. This handover creates links and meaning. At the same time, our staff follow external training courses, entirely dedicated to plastic injection.

2 production sites to meet all your needs

In 2007, we decided to set up in Tunisia for the production of your largest series with high added value. Our Tunisian workshop is also particularly efficient for the assembly of precision plastic parts and for pad printing techniques.

Our 2 production sites work hand in hand. The working methods established on the French site of Thouars (79), our processes and our requirements have been duplicated in Tunisia.

Producing in North Africa allows us to offer you attractive production costs, while maintaining a French customer service.

Apsys Injection Plastique: a production that is going green

Every year, the proportion of recyclable and bio-based plastics in the company increases. We want to increase the use of this type of material to reduce our carbon footprint and yours.

There is a lot of progress and constant optimisation. We are attentive to all these innovations in order to be a force of proposal and to accompany you in this change of direction.


The low-cost offer
Meet your needs, reduce your costs

Would you like to benefit from advantageous rates in plastics processing? The Apsys Group offers you a low-cost package developed with the help of one of its subsidiaries in Tunisia, specialising in the manufacture of plastic articles.

You will thus benefit from the lowest cost while keeping a contact person close to you and attentive to your needs. Moreover, your production is guaranteed to meet French quality standards.

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